ClearShield Low-M® (Low-Maintenance), Anti-Microbial Glass™

For Internal Glass

  • Always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Maintains pristine appearance
  • Resists fingermarks, especially on sandblasted and acid-etched glass
  • Unique anti-microbial properties

Solutions For Internal Glass

Interior glass is designed to look beautiful. However ordinary, unprotected glass is not easy to clean. The problem is worse for glass in areas such as shower cubicles or swimming pools as limescale on glass is unsightly and extremely difficult to remove. The solution is ClearShield Low-M® (Low-Maintenance), Anti-Microbial Glass™ as it not only protects glass from contamination, it also makes the surface 'non-stick' and therefore easier to clean, typically reducing by half the time, effort and cost to maintain glass. Protected glass also looks newer between cleaning cycles.


  • Decorative / sandblasted glass
  • Shower and bath enclosures
  • Internal partitioning and balustrades
  • Glass furniture and mirrors