ClearShield™ Energy-Saving Glass

For External Glass

  • Reduces by 50% on average the frequency of site visits for routine cleaning of glass in buildings, substantially cutting carbon dioxide emissions and costs for...
  • Manpower
  • Operation and maintenance of vehicles and access equipment
  • Consumption of water, cleaning chemical and other materials

Solutions for external Glass

Protection During Construction

If ClearShield™ Energy-Saving Glass is specified before construction, it protects the glass surface from all kinds of contamination such as splatter from concrete and cement dust. These are extremely difficult - if not impossible - to remove, and the problem can result in increased costs and delays. With ClearShield protection however, it significantly saves time and energy to keep the glass in a pristine condition.

After Construction

Inevitably, unprotected glass becomes contaminated over time, ruining a building’s appearance. Typical contaminants include concrete and silicone run-off, pollution from traffic fumes, tree sap and bird droppings. On normal glass these can also be almost impossible to remove, but with ClearShield™ Energy-Saving Glass, the glass will maintain its original look and performance for longer. Existing unprotected glass can be upgraded to ClearShield™ Energy-Saving Glass thanks to a unique renovation process.


  • Building façades
  • Commercial, industrial and public glazing
  • Domestic windows, doors and conservatories